Daniel was raised in a military family and moved every two years for most of his life.  He comes from a family of storytellers who love investigation and creativity. Introduced and encouraged into creative outlets by his mother, a basket maker and calligrapher, from an early age Daniel has never forgotten the lessons of craft from his mother and the lessons of engineering from his father.  His training in the Arts comes from an Undergraduate Degree at the University of Florida in Printmaking and a Masters Degree from the University of Georgia with the same emphasis.  Between the two programs of formal education Daniel lived in downtown Washington DC and trained as a traditional furniture maker under woodworker Dennis Sitka.  Currently Daniel is an Associate Professor of Art at Georgetown College in Georgetown Kentucky where he teaches a variety of course including Sculpture, Printmaking, 3D Design, Ceramics and Package Design.  He lives in Georgetown with his wife Holly, his daughter Olive, his son Thatcher, and their dogs Clover and Cricket.

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