Instrument Proposals

Ideas that I would love to make for you.

Often times I find myself dreaming of interesting instruments. These are hand-drawn proposals of unique instruments I have in mind in case someone would like to commission one. They can be altered if needed. If you are interested in any of these concepts let me know. I would love to make it just for you!

Kettle Banjo

One day when walking through an antique mall with my family I came across an old nickel-plated copper kettle. I thought it would make a wonderful banjo! It had a lovely deep sound and great resonance. I also liked the idea of leaving the handle on and having the strings terminate in the spout. The base of the kettle is 10-11 inches across. I think it would be great fretless (or fretted or even flush fretted). If this sounds like something you would be interested in just click the INTERESTED button to contact me and we can start talking about your kettle banjo!

Minstrel Style Ceramic (Gourd like) Banjo

I have had this one in my head for a long time. I did a smaller version of a ceramic body banjo that you can see HERE. I would love this one to be 12-14 inches across the pot so that it will have a larger sound. I would also permanently glaze images on the back of the ceramic body. I am imagining a sparrow, another bird motif or something similar. I even think one with rabbits or other woodland animals would be fun, but I am open to your ideas. The neck would be based on the old minstrel style. It would be great to have ceramic heads for the pegs to match the pot. I think this could be a one-of-a-kind real stunner! If you might be interested click the INTERESTED button and we can start talking about making this for you!