Knitted Violin


“Knitted and Drawn”

Handmade violin and yarn

This video is best heard through headphones. (The quality of the event will be lessened if heard through a phone.)

Knitted and Drawn is the one time event of the internal yarn of the “Knitted Violin” being drawn out. This work is from a series of works investigating how use objects as containers for experience and memory. Specifically, if and how, we can create and force experience into the being of a material or object. Much like the creation of a family heirloom through time and exposure, this yarn how holds the event of being inside the violin while being played. The yarn also now holds the experience of the participates.

Special thanks to Sila Darville for her willingness to play
Justin and Aaron for you willingness to pull
Nick Jones for your knowledge of recording sound
and to Georgetown College and The Wilson Fine Art Gallery for letting us take over the space.



Project Details

The knitted violin was an investigation into the idea of how heirlooms are created. How objects hold and transfer memory and experience. This violin made of stabilized buckeye, box elder, spruce and ebony was stuffed full of yarn during construction. It was pulled out while being played. You can see the video at the bottom of this post.