Woman Jumping Over a Stool Banjo

 To hear it being played click HERE. To see a video tour of the banjo click HERE.

Project Details

This banjo is one I made for myself. The fretboard image is made from selected frames of Eadweard Muybridge’s “Woman Jumping Over a Stool”. It is made by inlaying acrylic mother of pearl into Richlite (an ebony alternative). I have seen a number of instruments with heavy adornment but never one with a whole image on the fingerboard. All of the hardware (the hooks, nuts, tension hoop, tone ring, tailpiece, and post bolt) are all made from scratch. The only things purchased for this project were the tuners and the head. Body: cherry and locust Tone ring: steel and brass Peg head: cherry, bog oak, and leather Neck: curly cherry, locust, and ebonized walnut Arm rest: cherry, bog oak, steel, and magnets Fretboard: acrylic and Richlite Bridge: bloodwood, Richlite, and maple