Ashes Ashes we are all made new

“Ashes Ashes we will all be made new” / Woodcut on panel, typewriter ribbon, ambrosia maple / 19 in x 48 in x 3 in / 2012

I had been waiting to use a old typewriter ribbon I came across when I was making “State of the Mother” (a self typing typewriter machine). The ribbon was last used in a machine dedicated to typing addresses. As the ribbon unfolded the ownership of the typewriter changed and it began to display letters written to students by an Art professor (James McCormick). Much like the process of woodworking is a trip back through time this ribbon unveiled its own story. I saw this spilt image and spilt in format much like a bookmark or a snapshot of one line / season in time. How we see our previous selves through the lens of our current self. I still have a good portion of the ribbon spooled and have yet to know what I wish to do with it. I have used it in a number of works and it just keeps on going.

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