I see my artistic practice as a series of personal narratives, shared through carefully crafted translations of material, and delicately constructed atmospheres.  I approach my work with the craft and precision found in my printmaking and furniture making background, coupled with conceptual notions of distilling large ideas into concise visual events. My work is a mix of traditional processes and contemporary aesthetics, that is often informed by small spacial details of its environment. I often approach sculptural works as a way of processing complex elements found in a simple story or interaction.  Sculpture and installation allow me to follow the language of investigation and storytelling while exploring what it means to fill a space.

     Trees have always fascinated me, ever since I was a child and stood at the feet of the redwoods and sequoias I have seen these elegant creatures as something to admire. If only we as a people could be so patient, strong, and gentle. I have found a source of companionship somehow in working with trees. I feel as though I have been allowed to share their stories, translating their recorded lives into works that elevate the spirit of the material and allow the surface to have a voice. We have forgot what a whisper is in our culture, not the whisper we can hear but the whisper of creation that we can feel. My work attempts to reclaim this whisper and make it resonate within a space to where my viewer cannot help but bear witness and participate in it.