The Less You Say: The reason you should leave is the reason you should stay

The reason you should leave is the reason you should stay speaks to the idea of family. The work consists of six handmade tables and four hand silvered mirrors. Three of the tables have dead bees in the legs and honey in the rooms of the small acrylic rooms that sit on top. The other three tables have cicadas shells in the legs and tree sap the the small acrylic rooms that sit on top. Two of the mirrors hold images of myself, my wife. These images are only revealed at sunset while the images of my daughter and my son in the other two mirrors show themselves at sunset through midday.  My children would often ask as I would leave for work “Dad, why don’t you stay home today?”. My answer was always that “Daddy has to make money for the house” and for them to thrive I have to be gone. It is always a rough time for me. It is hard to say that anything is a higher priority than playing with my kids and being home. This work was a time of investment into that emotion and process of leaving.

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