“The Less You Say” Exhibition

In the Summer of 2016 I served as the Artist in Residence for the Lexington Art League in Lexington Kentucky. The residency culminated in  The Less You Say, an exhibition project consisting of works that seek to investigate and reinterpret the personal/public connections to the physical and atmospheric and architectural history of a space, in this case The Loudoun House located in Lexington, Kentucky. The Loudoun House is considered one of the largest and finest examples of Gothic Revival architecture in the state and was Designed by New York architect Alexander Jackson Davis, built in 1851 for Francis Key Hunt (1817-1879). Outside of being a place that routinely presents contemporary visual art exhibitions, spaces like The Loudoun House has long been a source of inspiration for creating art. For this exhibition, the works were  inspired by the spaces they would inhabit. Evidence of the research conducted surrounding the history and architecture of the home informed the installations that were constructed within its galleries, creating a larger picture and environment to experience.

For specific room by room installation please view the individual posts to follow.


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