I found this No 08 Jointer plane in horrible shape. The pitting caused by rust was beyond anything I had ever seen. It looked as though someone used a wire wheel to try and “clean” it up. I purchased it at a local Peddlers Mall because you rarely see a plane of this size and age for such a steal. I thought due to the condition it might just be something to have on a shelf. After some research this plane was identified as an Ohio Tool Company No 08 Jointer (pre 1910). Even without a name on the plane the tool was identified though the font on the toe and the hexagon hole in the iron (blade). Originally the plane would have been dark red. I thought it would be great to accentuate the age and wear by polishing the surface but painting the pitting on iron, cap iron and lever cap. While in contrast the rest of the plane is painting in black and white. The plane is now functional and all parts in this restoration are original.