I was in need of a desk lamp for my office. The top of the desk I made a couple years back from some very interesting cherry. Cherry is very sensitive to light and I didn’t want to have anything sit on top to leave a mark from blocking the sun. The desk is a slant top so I had two options. 1) Have it mount on the wall above the desk or 2) make it fit inside the desk. I got to thinking about option 2 and how important it is to create problems for yourself to solve. I also got to thinking about a ladder from my childhood. It was a 6 foot painters ladder that I grew up using all the time. I thought it would be nice to recreate this ladder at a scale that could fit inside the desk. The ladder is made of cherry and stands 13inches tall when opened. It turns on when the ladder opens and is rechargeable via USB. All of the hardware (bolts and washers, etc) was made from scratch.