Apprenticeship in banjo making


If you are looking at learning to make a traditional and non traditional banjo I offer one on one instruction (in person or remotely) for your training. Whether you are looking to just make one for yourself as a new hobby, or looking for a strong introduction to the trade, this apprenticeship can walk you through these steps.

What is covered in the banjo apprenticeship.

The Major Steps/Sequence in the Banjo Making Process

Making the Plan
1. Wood and Tool Selection and Preparation
2. Deciding on the parameters and scale
3. Designing the banjo

Making the Pot
4. Pot Geometry and planning
5. Tone ring selection and preparation
6. Skin selection and preparation
7. Tension Hoop and Hook selection or fabrication

Making the Neck
8. Wood prep and glue up or block making
9. Basic Shaping and Fret slotting
10. Post or attachment planning
11. Headstock design and development
12. Final shaping and sanding

Fret work 

13. Fret cutting
14. Fret installation
15. Shaping edge work
16. Leveling and re-crowning
17. Fret polishing 

Finish work 

18. Long form discussion of finish options
19. Oil and finish selection.
20. Execute selected finish.
21. Fabricate bridge and nut

Installation of Nut and Set Up 

22. Installation of the nut and string layout
23. Installation of tuners
24. Install 4 string and layout pip
25. Pip fabrication and installation

Final Setup

26. Set string action and bridge height
27. Finished Instrument