Bare Bones Banjo Video Course


If you have ever wanted to learn to play a song or two on a banjo or wanted to pick up a new hobby, this course will get you there. I start everything from ground zero! So you don’t need to cobble together random folks on youtube or figure it out on your own. You can do this course at your own pace and in your own time. I walk through multiple aspects and practices of banjo playing and you learn some classic old-time tunes!

This course has sections on the following:
-Learning the anatomy of the banjo
-Some basic banjo history
-Tuning your banjo
-The basic clawhammer strike
-How to read tablature
-Basic exercises
And then you learn four solid old-time songs!

Why I did this:
When I first started playing clawhammer banjo I began by cobbling together youtube video tutorials. The videos were from all different people from all different skill levels and it was hard to find clear and easy steps forward when starting from ground zero. It took me months to learn my first song and I learned some bad habits along the way. It was only when I met John Ryster, a banjo player in my area, that things started moving forward and I really started to enjoy the process of learning to play the banjo. I would love for anyone interested in the banjo to have the same experience I had.

See the Trailer HERE