December 3, 2020

My amazing wife Holly was doing a number of Art markets in a row and needed a lightweight seat, but not one where you had to get all the way up and down. Also you did not want to see her disappear behind the booth. So I made her this… Read more

A violin for me

December 2, 2020

From July 2020-May of 2021 I am taking part in a year long luthiery apprenticeship in Violin making. I am making two violins. One for myself and one for my wife, and then maybe making more for other folks who are interested. This is the first one “in the white”.… Read more

Fretless Octagon Kentucky Banjo

November 3, 2020

I have always been impressed with people groups and individuals who make so much with so little. The people of Eastern Kentucky made these instruments with the most basic of tools so I thought I might do the same. This banjo is made with 5 tools; A handsaw, a coping… Read more

Fretless Octagon Kentucky Banjo Build: Video Course

October 26, 2020

Mountain Banjo Build: Video Course

October 13, 2020

Shake and Dip Table Course

September 2, 2020